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Welcome! You have reached Dillengr, Inc's social media feed, IDEA. Here you can find links and previews of all of our social media feeds, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.


     We're busy bees here at Dillengr! This week we'll be talking about a job we're really excited about, but next week we're going to talk about a new employee we're hiring! That's all I can tell you for now, but keep your eyes peeled. 

(P.S. On the left is Willy Tjio, not our new employee).


Look for updates at about 12:00 PM CDT, July 29th, 2020!




    Did you know our company was almost named I.D.E.A? It stands for Innovate, Design, Engineer, Apply. We thought Dillengr was a bit catchier, but we like "IDEA" so much, we've incorporated it into our logo. 


Hey, thanks for checking out our social media feed! In case you missed those "Like" and "Follow" buttons, I've provided you with the links to all of our pages. Nifty, right? 


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