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Lowering TCO With Custom Integration
Mar 14, 2023

The traditional method when it comes to custom switchgear is to go to a standard manufacturer and obtain a quote with many specials. This option often seems the most reasonable but is seldom the best choice. Often, this method comes with more downsides than not, namely longer lead times and quality issues due to a lack of capabilities. [...]


PLC Modernization vs. Retrofit — 

What's Best?
Brandon Dilley | Feb 20, 2023

Lowering TCO With Custom Integration
Brandon Dilley | Mar 14, 2023


    Did you know our company was almost named I.D.E.A? It stands for Innovate, Design, Engineer, Apply. We thought Dillengr was a bit catchier, but we like "IDEA" so much, we've incorporated it into our logo. 



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