Given the current situation that we are all in with COVID-19, we have designed the RTA. This device allows real-time remote troubleshooting of your equipment. 

Moving forward, Dillengr will continue to provide the RTA as it allows us to provide assistance at virtually any time.


The Remote Troubleshooting Apparatus was designed by Dillengr, Inc. as a way for an engineer or technician to remotely troubleshoot and/or program PLCs and other switchgear components remotely and real-time via an encrypted connection. This connection also comes standard with high definition video, so that the technician can clearly see your equipment.



The RTA comes equipped with three internet connection methods to ensure connectivity between the gear and the remote engineer / technician. 




With the RTA, it is as simple as connecting a few pre-labeled cables, setting up the tri-pod and webcam, and following a short list of instructions.

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