In 2010, Brandon Dilley founded Dillengr, Inc. on four key principles. Proven Technology, Unified Service and Solutions, Superior Quality and Accuracy, and Always On. To us, this means end-to-end product support, custom solutions, a critical approach to design, and a constant strive for excellence.

At Dillengr, we are an engineering and manufacturing company that specializes in automated power control systems. We offer a unified engineering and service experience with our cradle-to-grave support.

We are a team of personable, efficient, and thorough individuals who take initiative, and do the job right the first time!


  • Control I, II, III Engineer(s)
  • Scheduling Coordinator
  • Electrical Production Operator
  • Mechanical Production Operator
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Manufacturing Lead
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Electrical Production Lead
  • Mechanical Engineering Intern
  • Electrical Engineering Intern
  • Estimator

Interested in joining the team?

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