Accelerating Digital Expansion

Dillengr's High-Speed Solutions for Hyperscale Growth.
Julia Dilley
Aug 2, 2023

As users and businesses move at lightning speed through the digital sphere, hyperscale data centers are playing a more crucial role in the world’s economy.

So, what is a hyperscale data center?

There are five main types of data centers: enterprise, colocation, edge, modular, and hyperscale. “Hyperscale” refers to the ability of a computing infrastructure to scale rapidly with exponential demand. Hyperscale data centers are massive, efficient, and custom-built to seamlessly scale digital infrastructure in response to demand. These data centers, operated by companies known as hyperscalers, are quickly becoming the primary providers of digital infrastructure. Examples of hyperscalers are Microsoft, Google, and Amazon.

Hyperscale data centers require massive amounts of power and need to stick to strict power usage effectiveness (PUE) standards. As the amount of physical infrastructure must increase to meet the demand for digital infrastructure, so too must the power supply, distribution model, control systems, and management systems.

With the large-scale growth of these data centers, comes demand for increasingly complex power and monitoring systems. That being said, a key accelerant in the build process is the design and installation of the power infrastructure.

To meet these new demands, manufacturers, like Dillengr, are developing reliable, flexible, and fast solutions. We understand that every hyperscaler is different, and thus has different power distribution infrastructure needs.

But that doesn’t mean that each data center needs to be different.

If operation equipment is different for every site, it takes specialized procedures to train technicians on how to operate said equipment–ultimately, more time and money. With our unique process, we create a highly customized system, but in a standardized way that makes the production of the equipment easily scalable. Uniformity across data center locations allows for processes that are reliable, predictable, and most importantly, fast.

In tandem with our efficient plug-n-play design, and space-saving automated power equipment solutions, we are able to assemble a highly customizable yet scalable product. With these core building blocks, Dillengr enables hyperscalers to expand at their desired rate.