Site Assessment

In Five Steps

I bet you're wondering just how a site assessment works.  Here at Dillengr, Inc. we make it as simple and painless as possible.

We start by assessing the available documentation and if necessary, we will upload code from existing PLC's, PAC's or touch Screens (HMI's). From this, we create a sequence of operation which is then submitted to the customer for review.  


When PLCs, PACs, or HMIs are present we extract the code and create a backup copy. This is vital to the survive-ability of your critical infrastructure. 


Next, we will meet remotely or in person to match this newly created documentation with the customer's expectations. We will discuss what discrepancies, if any, are present in the system. 



At this time, we will review any changes and determine if there are any action items. We will also determine which changes can be simulated in one of our labs.


After we determine which changes can be simulated in one of our labs, we will come to your site with all approved changes in hand, during your maintenance window, and download any necessary code changes to your controllers. We will then undergo testing to assure that the code changes have taken affect.



Lastly, we will return to the site during normal business hours to train any or all personnel until they understand how the system should work.


Questions? Comments? Concerns? Contact marketing.

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